Thursday, 15 September 2011

what a chilly day....

today's been rather cold its not been this cold since last winter i love the autumn though i love all the colours and the need to put on a scarf and wellies and go and play in the woods exploring and collecting sticks and funny coloured leaves its so warm and fun

(not taken by me) but how can people not like autumn with lovely trees like that its just magic

its also the time of year i love to bake i may make some yummy chocolate cupcakes this weekend :P

this looks good enough to eat its Peppermint scrub might make this as Christmas presents this year i love how festive it looks


here are some photos of me and mini moo from today enjoy.
when she woke from her nap she looks so scared but i got big smiles once id put the camera down

off to the shops for a little walk got some yummie cookies

this is what mini moo looked like when we got home bless

play time or as we like to call it "tummy time" :D

hope you all had a jolly day xx

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Emma bradley said...

Aww I love your blog Amy and Taylor is just so cute she growing and changing lots xx