Wednesday, 28 September 2011

cant you tell its heading to winter.......

seems like im baking like crazy here are some sugar cookies i made yesterday
they were scrummy and im very proud of my first attempt :D
i also tried to make macaroons didnt go too well were still yummy though
we too mini moo to the beach again today she loved it shes so nosey likes watching the birds and the waves

started taking her out in this more often as she really dont like her pram she just screams :[
sleeping on dadda she loves her dadda soo much its so cute
waking dadda up after his nap (he had a really bad headach) i love this photograph
haha mini moo is that tired from being out all day she's sleeping and i as much as i try she dont wanna get up for her bottle

hope you day was just as amazing as mine xx

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pam said...

Very Cute Amy! Thanks for your comment on my post. Couldn't send you an e-mail so I thought I'd do it here. Your baking photos make me soo hungry! Wait till your little one can bake with you! That is one thing mine likes to do, it makes him focus, I let him stir and decorate our cookies, cupcakes, and sundaes!