Wednesday, 30 November 2011

playing with my camera....

so I've been trying new things with the camera on my phone and to be honest i rather like the things i can do there is a setting called Toy Camera and I've fallen in love it makes everything too rather retro and vintage i love it i love it so here are just a few snaps from today playing with different effects enjoy i really enjoyed taking them

little sis came to visit :)

look at them chubby legs haha aint they just the cutiest awwww

hope you all had a fun filled day

Monday, 28 November 2011

DADDY ♥ ..............

i wanted to let you all know why I'm writing this blog...
well me and mark got together on 21st of may 2009 from day one i knew i wanted to be with him for the rest of my life after about 6 months of being together we started talking about children I've wanted a baby since i had to say goodbye my child when i was 17 (for reasons those close to me know) i never wanted to replace my angel baby but i felt something was missing. me and mark decided to start trying for a baby after we had been together for 1 year and 6 months so i came off contraception and we began trying it only took 3 short months and we got our wish pregnancy was amazing i loved every moment of it.
we didn't find out the sex of our baby we wanted it to be a surprise. on the day she was born we were so happy to find out she was a little girl everything we ever dreamt of with her big blue eyes and her cute pouting lips

so getting to the point I'm writing this blog so that Taylor May can read back on her life when she is older and see her life being shown to her as I'm living it i hope that one day she can make a blog for her baby and enjoy reading this one.

this evening whe her daddy come home we tried to keep mini moo us for longer tonight so she sleeps past 6am haha fat chance but i got some pics of her and her daddy with daddy bear working so hark we dont get photo moments as much as i would like but i make the most of it when we can get some.
she smiles so big for her daddy

i ♥ my little family wouldnt change them for anything

besties play dates......

we had such an awsome time at emma and laylas today
the girlies were playing together with there toys me and emma had a propper catch up feels like ages since ive chatted with her face to face and not over emails lol
awww i love the fact there besties layla always wants to play with moo kiss her and poke her but moo screams haha one day they will be playing tea parties like this gosh :) x

aww poor layla she has a poorly cold bless her
we also took the girls to the park and pushed them on the swing

aww we had a super day with our besties

hope you all had an amazing day x

nothing exciting......

its been soo windy here that I've not really been out much I've been trying to stay home and tidy my flat witch seams to be taking FOREVER......
so all we have really been doing is playing and cooking fun fun but today were gonna go to Emma and Layla's house then maybe the park near there house if Layla's cold has gone away.
but as for now I'll show you what happened this weekend .............

so Saturday my photographs of mini moo came i was so excited there so cute i cant wait till i get chance to put them up i love the way they turned out and for the frames and prints it only came to £18 so I'm well happy

me and my little sis had a pig out with ben and jerrys haha it was fun but i dont have any photos but i have one of mini moo trying it she loved it might have to hide it from her in the future
when we do have to nip the shops i wrap moo up so much she looks like a big ball of fluff haha
oh and mini moo can finaly reach the floor when shes in her walker and she loves pushing herself around in it
see ya later guys gonna get a shimmy on and get up to emmas

chicken hotpot :P ........

hiya all just wanna wish a happy thanks giving to all of my American friends i wish i lived over there i love how you all get in to every celebration.

today's been fun i started my diet did really well to be honest didn't eat any crap i just had my 3 meals brecki dinner and for tea we had my own cheats version of a chicken hotpot and my god it was good and really easy to make comment if you would like the recipe
it was so good this was what it looked like out of the oven
i even blended it up for mini moo she had 5 lunches plus me and daddy bear had a big bowl each too

after tea we took moo to the park she loved it

shes such a cutie i love my mini moo
we had a fun little day

hope ur day was just as fun x

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

remember that diet............

yeah well it never happened (i do this a lot) one day I'm like "right that's it I'm losing this I'm sick of being FAT and not fitting in anything" next day I'm like "i sooo want some chockie bikkies"
so no more tomorrow i start my diet once and for all I'm going to go walking every day with mini moo and I'm going to say no to everything i binge on i will be strong.
so wanna see the pic i almost cried at today word of warning its not nice :(
look at them rolls and my double chin i knew i was big but didn't realize i was this big :/
so yep I'm gonna be taking a photo ever week till i hit my goal
starting weight 16st 6lb my goal is 12st for now i may lose more see what I'm like when i get to 12st
so wish me luck everyone and if you have any tips let me know

thanks people

(rant over)


well thats one thing we dont struggle with mini moo loves her food since weaning her 90% of her meals have been home cooked as im trying my best not to give her jars or powdered food but when were out some times it makes life a little easyer :D
tonight we all had colliflower cheese it was sooo good and taylor has 10 frozen ready for future dinners
before it was cooked
ready to eat scrummy yummy
mini moo enjoyed hers she kept taking the spoon off me to feed herself

big smiles....
yoggie time :P
oh and the cleaver little miss will not lye in her bouncer anymore think shes getting too big for this bumbo it is now

love you all tata for now

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

llandudno is my get away town.....

its a very beautiful town my problems and stress just melt away i love the way the prom curves around its like the two sides are keeping you safe in your get away bubble :D
me and mini moo went with my bro was a good day we laughed and stuffed our faces :D

pushing a sleeping mini moo his so good with her he always says her pinky nail is so small and cute awwwww

aww sleeping baby moo shes teething at the mo so all she wants to do is sleep x
hope your lifes are as nice as mine tata guys x

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

new make....

just a fast one today but i wanted to show you all the hairband i made mini moo tonight hope you all like it x

hope ur all ok x

Sunday, 13 November 2011

mini moos 5 month shoot......

can not believe my little moo is 5 months old its gone so fast feels like yesterday i was looking in to her big blue eyes thinking wow shes the most beautiful thing in the world (i still do that now) my world has changed so much she bring sunshine to my life cant image the world with out her
she keeps me smiling helps me cope with people knocking me back and she does it all by just being her cute little self  so photos for you all so you an see why shes my life and sole x

love her millions love being a mummy x

Friday, 11 November 2011

cuddles with the mini moo.........

i love cuddling up with her and putting on a dvd and just letting the world pass by tomorrow this is the plan after playgroup cause she will be sleepy from playing all morning x
life is good just need to find more time to lookafter myself im gonna go mad and blits my flat this weekend and buy some prints to put on my wall cant wait.
so heres some photo displays for inspro

night everyone xx

Monday, 7 November 2011

my little bro....

we his not so little any more his 18 tomorrow its gone so fast i remember when we were so young when he was a chunky baby and i was a cheeky little girl
in this photo i was about 6 and dan was about 1 an a half
he was and still is the sweetest little guy
this is him now cheeky and loved by everyone i cant believe his 18 legal to drink go abroud by him self buy smokes for him self where did the time go

my bro is on the right this is his bestie will (aka PB)

so happy birthday little bro have an awsome 18th x