Monday, 27 February 2012

old band t-shirts??............

soo hay dont you just hate it when you t-shirts dont fit you anymore i do please say im not the only one haha well i went to a scouting for girls gig back in 2009 and at the gig i got a t shirt :D got home put it on and well...... it was more like a bra than a t shirt haha but i kept it and always said "it will fit me one day" yeah right .... that day never came sooo i found a dress pattern and turened it in to a summer dress for mini moo its a bit big yet but im hoping come summer it will fit her lovely hehe soo her it is i will link the pattern after the pic
eeeekkk i love it cant wait till she can wear it <3

tata lovelys

Friday, 24 February 2012

i ♥ Dollies

I'm soooo in love with the doll patterns from Dolls and Daydreams there so pretty i cant get enough of them go check them out I'm sure you will fall in love 
well here is my attempt at one I've used her pattern but changed the hair a little i hope you like her it was my first try :D
enjoy your day x

Sunday, 19 February 2012

sew im addicted .....

hay guys how are we all
I've fallen back in love ............. with my sewing machine its AMAZING honest i don't know what i neglected it for so long I've been sewing crazy ill show u some of my makes and where i found the patterns :D
her is a stunning little summer dress i made for moo i <3 it and the cute matching panties x
heres my happy little moo being all cute in her dress pattern from
also we have changed to cloth nappies and I've been making my own to save money (even tho buying them is still sooo addictive)
teddy modle hehe first attempt not too bad hay lol x
and here it is on the mini moo :) pattern found here
and here are just a few pics that have made me smile this week x
i made this dress too but i dont have a pattern as i just free handed it :D
yeah them pants are uber cute
fell asleep sat up on me gotta love it
i love this face she always does it hehe (shes almost crawling) still cant believe moos over 8 months old
this was lastnight i think she was thinking..."im in the big bed tonight mommy :D"

night night folks love you all

Saturday, 11 February 2012

busy busy .......

hay all I've been really busy this past week me and mini moo have been to play group and we have been makin the house tidy and clean planning trips out for the next few months its been bags of fun.
to be honest its been nice having things to do.
this is mini on our way to hayleys baby shower
and here is the beautiful hayley and her cute boy bump <3
mini moo eating her first ever sandwich and attempting to shove the whole thing in her mouth haha gotta love her x
besties playing in the ball pit in playgroup
mini she loves the ball pit x
more updates to come <3 excited hehe
see you soon x

Monday, 6 February 2012

ok well.................

well its been ages i know guys think its about time i get back on track I've not really done much partly because i had put my life on hold for a few weeks and just slowed down and taken some time out to enjoy the a small things like watching my little moo growing up she said the first word last week and even tho I've been saying " say Dada" to her since her first coo she came out with "baba" hehe its cute we were like typical but she can also say Nana and she said Dada when she was in the bath yesterday and she says mama when shes tired and wants cuddles :) x
over the next few weeks were going to be getting out so much more going to see a bit of this place we live in north wales has to much to offer and we just never had the time before but now as moo is getting bigger things are getting easier so watch this space hopefully lots of fun adventures coming up i cant wait I've missed blogging.
so here are some pics from the past few days enjoy.......
mini moo and dada after moo had just eaten most of my banana split :D

layla lou at liffys looks like shes blowing kisses

moo pulling faces hehe

standing up with out me holding her shes getting soo big now

this is a nappy cake i made my best friend shes having a baby boy soon she 33 weeks pregnant

moo sleeping shes just too cute

tata folks x