Wednesday, 31 August 2011


wanna know something rather crazy........
i want another baby already i love taylor soo much its crazy i would love her to have a sibling some one she can spend time with some one she can tell her secrets too i want her to have what i have with my siblings i don't think me being one of eleven helps the matter.
anywho now that i have that out of my system :)

so this week we went berry picking and we also baked bread and it was sooo yummie I'll show you some photos.
we had an ace time picking the blackberries :)

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

mini moos shoot 2 months old

so yeah that's right our little moo is 2 months old already [well almost 3 but shushhhh] Finally got round to taking some photographs for my walls of the we went to feed the ducks so i took some while we were there she is the cutest i cant get enough of her cuteness =] x
look at them big blue eyes who  can say no to them.

her and her daddy are the most amazing things in my life i couldn't and wouldn't change them for the world they make my days worth living.
oh and here are some of mini moo just so i can show her off abit more they were taken over the last few days she's smiling even more now mostley in the morning :]
have a good day folks hape you all get snapping picks of your life :) x

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Layla-louise [ i can now sit ]........

so remember layla-louise from her 12week shoot back in June [] the shoot was done some time in may but i never got chance to post the photos until June 7th. well now she is 6 months and she can now sit and has the biggest smile here are the photos from her latest shoot....

this a a silver dummy she got given for her christening very cute
told you she had a big smile
this is mini moos new romper but we had to pop in a little 50s glam so layla borroewd it for the shoot

well i hope you all enjoyed this shoot we had lots of fun taking the photos and getting lots of smiles from the girlies.

So things didnt go according to plan.........

The question is "DO THE EVER?" i didn't end up doing a shoot with my little girl we were just too busy and it hasn't been very sunny out doors so i think i'll do it this week with her, but i will show you some of my inspiration photos ...

so here are my inspiration photographs :]
i love this one the frame works really well think i need to get daddy bear in some of the photos and we have some very sweet outfits id love to have photos of mini moo in.

the lighting and the jinny joes are awsome in this one


now for some of my mini moo :]
i hope you all had a good weekend i cant belive my baby girly is 10 weeks old already its going so fast

Friday, 19 August 2011

My plans .......

Well guys today I'm off to do a shoot with my own little girl were going down to the brick Field pond to feed the ducks with her aunt and try and take some photos while were down there i cant wait Ive not really done a shoot with mini moo yet so 
I'm going to try and get some really good photographs today i will post them ether tonight or tomorrow.

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I just want to share one of my little girls first smiles with you all she has such a big smile it makes me giggle every time i never get bored of making her smile.
i hope she makes you smile too.

mini moo is sooo cute cant remember life before her and i cant believe she is 10 weeks old today
so wish me luck...

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

celicia....... her 2nd birthday shoot

so ive had a hard day today im soo tired its unreal but i wanted to show you some photos from a 2nd birthday shoot i did on monday with a very lovely little girl she is so cute and has lovely blue eyes
and she is a propper little girl....

well i really enjoyed this shoot she was so cute eating that cupcake xx

Monday, 15 August 2011

little max

hi all
little max was such a good boy cant get over how cute he is, we joke that his gonna be mini moos hubby hehe his mummy is a friend of mine so this shoot was really fun cause we got to have a good old natter too so here are some of the photos we took xx
what a cutie baba xx
hope you all like my post xxxx

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


chaos the word to describe his photo shoot trying to get two two year old's and a baby to sit still and smile at the same time its imposable so we gave up and went to the park and got some crackin shots well the mummy was happy and the kids got a lovely day out xxx

so here are some of my photographs from the shoot :D

her smile is infectious such a munchkin
this is her big brother and his rabbit "buddy"

and this is there cousin i loved her dress
well i hope you enjoyed this photo shoot we sure did thanks for looking

xxx Amy-Lou xxx