Monday, 14 October 2013

28 month update

Hay little lady 
Well I can not get over you being 28months old you're such a little person now its unreal you want to do everything yourself its crazy its like I blinked and you went from baby to independent toddler over night 

So here are just some photos of you over the past few weeks enjoy baby girl 

I made you this dress its made with vintage barbie fabric

Helping wash the mess up after sensory play is you're favourite part 

Love this photo you look like such a little hippy 

These photos are from when we went blackberry picking and had a picnic with our friends 

Love you always 
Xx mama xX

Sunday, 13 October 2013

exciting news

Hello little lady
 its been so long since I took the time to make a post on here so thought it was about time as some rather big new things are happening in our family 


See i told you life was about to change you're going to be a big sister i found out i was expecting baby number 2 right at the start of august we told you right away you don't really understand just yet you know where the baby is you talk to baby but i think you think i must of ate the baby because that is the only way you know thing get in to you're belly. But every time we say who's in mamas belly you say baby sister every time we have no idea of the gender yet so we shall see if you're right.

We had our first scan on September 20th the little tummy bug wouldn't stop moving and wouldn't keep still for a second but I'm pleased to say everything went well and baby is healthy. We even got an extra scan printed just for you to have. 

I am now 15 weeks pregnant and this pregnancy is going much faster than when i was carrying you. Maybe its because i have you keeping me on my toes this time round. Really excited to make you a sister and i hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoy being the big sister to aunty vicky uncle dan dan and aunty rhiannon. 

Loves you baby girl 
Xx mama xX 

Sunday, 7 April 2013

the pox!!

hay baby,
so over today and last night you have had a rash on your legs well today you have a few more larger lumps on your arm and leg i think your getting the chickenpox and i just want to cuddle and kiss you and make you better ether way you missed your nap today and fell asleep on the sofa at just past 7pm it was so cute cuddling your little hot water bottle and your moo so here you are still cant believe your 21months old
so so tired you were love you my lady i hope the chickenpox are kind to you
love mama

the place where alice was made....

hay loves
we spend allot of time up in Llandudno we love it there its about 20 Min's on the train from where we live and its so much fun there the beach is so pretty and we love going for picnics in happy Vally next to the Alice in wonder land mushrooms looking out over the sea so here are some photographs from yesterday.
i love the curve of the beach its so lovely here the water is so calm

also this girly loves to walk everywhere!!
love this photo of my girly
this is the Alice in wonderland chair
i always love it when i see this little face
loves my baby  love mama

Friday, 1 March 2013

beautiful as ever....

hay baby girl
i hope your well. you looked so adorable today. i don't know what it is about rompers on you but u just look so cute its unreal.
we went for a walk to playgroup and had fun with your friends it was a good day and you were as good as gold.
your almost growing out of these boots they are only a size 4 and a half and your almost in a 5 now i remember when i wanted to get you some shoes and your feet were not big enough to get some proper ones yet
i love this mint coloured cardigan it looks hand made but its now it was a "handmedown" from jade and lucie the brand is next the clothing in that shop is SO nice for kids
aww look at your face running your way to playgroup you love it there you coat is next a lovely "handmedown" from great aunt Helen and your scarf you borrowed from mummy .... it looks better on you anyway hehe
i didn't get a good pic of you in the romper so here's one of it while its not on you i love how nice you look in this outfit its not often i put you in denim as i don't think its comfy but this does look comfy so its a one of denim outfit you get to wear over and over until it no longer fits you
see looks hand stitched and matches the cardigan
coat- next "handmedown"
boots - Clark's
romper and cardigan- next "handmedown"
scarf - peacocks
love you mini bear
X mama X

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

my first heals...

hay baby girl
just a small one today but we were in our bedroom while i was getting dressed today and you were playing like normal. then i looked over and notice you had my heals on how stinking cute i ran through the house in my pants looking for the camera cause i had to have a photo of you in them (even if you didn't stay still for two seconds). this made my heart melt you make me love you more each day with how amazing you are.
this just made me Small so much look how tiny your feet looking my big size 6's awww
I'm looking forward to our fun filled tomorrow together life couldn't get any sweeter
love mummy xx

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

we love autumn

hay baby girl
from a few weeks ago x
you had been poorly sick this past two weeks sickness and then and big cold but your almost back to being 100% you  but we have still enjoyed the outdoors and cuddles movies and some lovely food here are a few pic's from the past few weeks xx
your uncle dan dan took this photo i think im going to love this photo untill the end of time look at your cute little face and red button nose
you look oh so cosy in your all in one and bobble hat
i made you a new hat this week i think it looks super sweet
uncle dan dan and aunty vicky have been spending alot more time with you its so lovely to see how much they love you x
your blue nose moo has become your cuddle toy its so cute you like to let him try your food
your hair is long enough for piggie tails now
  your so big and i love you so much <3 p="p">

picnic's in the wind

hay folks
i cant get over that my baby is now 18 months old where has the time gone its like each day flies by. i love that she's enjoying new things now like reading its like you cant get enough. and when i sit down to do some sewing you have to sit on my knee and help. Taylor loves music and loves to dance its so cute the way you shake your bum.
well a few weeks ago me and Taylor went on a picnic just the two of us we when to llandudno played on the park and watched the waves of the sea she got really excited every time a dog would go past was so cute seeing her so happy. we need more mommy and Taylor days out i think x
eating her dinner not too happy about me taking the pic haha x
what a view to have while spending time with my little girl
loving the train ride home with your dolly
we has an awesome day made lots of memory's and ate good food i love my girly
thanks for reading guys and dolls