Tuesday, 1 January 2013

we love autumn

hay baby girl
from a few weeks ago x
you had been poorly sick this past two weeks sickness and then and big cold but your almost back to being 100% you  but we have still enjoyed the outdoors and cuddles movies and some lovely food here are a few pic's from the past few weeks xx
your uncle dan dan took this photo i think im going to love this photo untill the end of time look at your cute little face and red button nose
you look oh so cosy in your all in one and bobble hat
i made you a new hat this week i think it looks super sweet
uncle dan dan and aunty vicky have been spending alot more time with you its so lovely to see how much they love you x
your blue nose moo has become your cuddle toy its so cute you like to let him try your food
your hair is long enough for piggie tails now
  your so big and i love you so much <3 p="p">

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