Monday, 7 May 2012

moo will be 11 months this week

i cant get over how fast this has come round my little bundle of joy is only 1 month away from turning 1 crazy
so here's a little 10 month round up:
her favourite food is Parsnips and sweet potatoes
her favourite thing to do is dance she loves music
her favourite TV show is driver Dans story train
shes in a shoe size 2F
she is now trying out new words like duck (uckk) too cute
she can also do some of the actions to 1 cheeky monkey
there are many more but we will save them for another day just some pics from the last few weeks x

she can also now walk with her walker clever bear
thaks for reading <3

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

new blog?

hello lovelies
so i have a new blog........ohhhh its called curves create please go check it out and follow if you enjoy :D as for today I've been sewing all day i had a bib order in so i made all them all 10 of them lol also made mini moo some cute cute pj pants :D shes been sick today so it was a nice comfy set for her to just chill out in.
 here are just some of the bibs from the order i had in.

mini moos but little pj bottoms lol yep my little girl likes to sit on all her books lol
this is the only way moo would let me sew today cause she was sick she just wanted mommy cuddles <3
well hope your day was fun and lovable
amy lou x

my baby is poorly sick......

OK well moo ain't that bad just got a tummy upset and wants to be cuddled all the time i love cuddles but not when shes gonna be sick cause I'm usually the one it ends up on not fair daddy moo never gets messed on just me but here are some happy photos x

sleeping moo xx
this is a dress i made mini moo and some scrummy lemon and poppy seed muffins
 this was chicken and leek homemade pie made from scratch
 jackets with sausage casserole
and this was homemade pizza with Left over sausages on top it was sooo good

thanks for reading <3 xx