Monday, 23 January 2012

why hello .........

well its been a while ive been so caught up in my little family i attcualy forgot that the internet exsisted and to be honest its been ace ive not felt down from reading about other peoples problems and ive had so much more time to spend sortin my house out in the evenings when mini moos in bed.
im also going to start sewing again i wanna get really good at it and start making dresses and pretty clothes for mini moo. so wish me luck. (im gonna need it)
so here are some pics from the past few days.....
 smilie moooo
 pretty bear <3

 daddy bear after his night shift having cuddles
 operation get skinny ........ yummy
 the memory blankey i made for moo
i love it when she falls asleep on me ike this x

tata guys xx

Monday, 9 January 2012

happy baby..........

so the past few dats have been great mini moos been really happy clingie because shes teething but happy non the less ive had lots of smiles and babbling i love it when shes happy
playing in her cot while mummy gets dressed and sorts out the washing
getting ready to go out to get some shopping i love that cheeky face :)
aunty helen got mini moo a new hat its sooooo sweet :)

oh and please follow my online portfolio for my photography work x

Sunday, 8 January 2012

operation GET SKINNY

so im starting tomorrow as all the bad for me food is now gone and im feeling happy and ready so here i go :D

im currently a size 18-20 and im 16st 8lb my man dont want me to lose weight he said he loves me the way i am awwww i cant find my tape mesure to do my mesurments so ill do that next week when i up date my weight loss
so here is the out fit im gonna buy myself when i hit my target
im aiming to be a size 14 so only 2-3 dress sizes :D wish me luck

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

shopping is addictive ........

i think i have a shopping addiction :/ lol well not really but i like looking on all the websites and dreaming about buying things so ive started saving to get the things that have been in my wish list for so long that its killin me
for a late christmas prezzie for mini moo ive baught her an amazing little outfit its from mamas and papas i saved for this cause i liked it so much it cost me £31 in the sale and i love it
i love my little cutie patootie
cant get enough of her sweet smiles
attempting to watch tv hehe
just a few mor pics from the past few days
playing in my high chair

off for a windy walk it was so cold but was a lovely walk
pretty windy beach
having my hands full and a crying baby so i put her in my wash basket for 2 mins while i mashed the potatos and she was supper happy chatting and giggling lol
mini moo trying new food she had apples and oranges but pulling this face im supprised she ended up liking it haha

have an awsome day :)

Sunday, 1 January 2012

happy new year

oh my how fast did last year go i cant believe its 2012 already so what were the most amazing things that happened in my life last year hummmmm....................
well for us the best thing that happened was our little family of 2 became 3
awww our first family photo
so yeah happy 2012

happy belated Christmas

how busy have we been over Christmas plus we have all been poorly sick so that's why my blogs been neglected sooo over Christmas we had the mother in laws birthday party on the 23rd we had a really good time but i didn't get many photos so here are some i did get

Dada bear and mini moo
Dada bears mum and nieces dancing
we had a lovely time the food was ace the music was ace and mini moo loved seeing the family
opening her prezzies on her first Christmas it was lovely seeing her face even if she did try eating all the wrapping paper hehe it was cute though
i think mini moo was thinking "its OK mummy i don't need help with this one I'm just gonna climb on it till it opens" her face lit up every time we handed her a new one to open
yummie this gift was from her great Nannie and her out fit was from her great great nan parten she looked so cute in it and we loved everything she got thank you everyone
oh and yes she really did enjoy the wrapping paper more than the gifts but don't all babies lol i love our little munchkin
sleeping on Christmas's night in her new PJ's
we had a lovely first Christmas as a family and were soo looking forward to next years