Tuesday, 7 June 2011

inspiration tuesday

so its inspiration Tuesday today
i found some amazing photographs of Rhyl from 1960s and i was thinking of taking some shots from simlar spots to ahow what rhyl is like today comaired to then its amazing how much things have changed rhyl looked so much nicer back then
this is just down the road from where i like it looks nothing like this now
wow look elephants on the blue bridge who would have thaught

Little Miss Layla-Louise

so my second baby shoot I'm so happy with how it turned out
Layla was such a good little girl
is she is 12 weeks old we got some smiles and lots of awake shots
so i would just like to thank Layla and her mummy Emma for a lovely day
what a cutie she loved the tutus she kept kicking her legs and giggling
cant get over how big she has gotten.

looks like she is shouting at us in this one in fact her mummy Emma was playing with some toy keys trying to make her smile she was having none of it :D
yep this has to be my fave of the day she looks so sweet and fluffy

Walking and walking......

Hello well my baby is due in 17days
I've been trying to walk about as much as i can hoping baby will come soon :)
so i went for a walk along the prom in Rhyl and took some lovely shots
think i may get a few framed as i like them that much.

I had fun taking this shot some children had made a sand castle with there
friends and i asked if i could use it in a photo
i love the way the castle is like a silhouette

this is one of my fave ones i took the budding flower looks like an explosion
so pretty

Pink is a lovely colour always makes me happy
i love my walks even more when i see things like this

My other half says he likes this one the most he loves the shine on the sand
i like the colours in the photo its lovely

well hope you all enjoyed my pictures please comment and remember to follow
thank you