Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Walking and walking......

Hello well my baby is due in 17days
I've been trying to walk about as much as i can hoping baby will come soon :)
so i went for a walk along the prom in Rhyl and took some lovely shots
think i may get a few framed as i like them that much.

I had fun taking this shot some children had made a sand castle with there
friends and i asked if i could use it in a photo
i love the way the castle is like a silhouette

this is one of my fave ones i took the budding flower looks like an explosion
so pretty

Pink is a lovely colour always makes me happy
i love my walks even more when i see things like this

My other half says he likes this one the most he loves the shine on the sand
i like the colours in the photo its lovely

well hope you all enjoyed my pictures please comment and remember to follow
thank you

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