Saturday, 29 September 2012

big, strong and bright........

hello baby girl
its been a while since i wrote to you its been busy here trying to keep up with you since you started walking you have become a real little girl you enjoy wearing things in your hair and trying on mummy's necklaces and when you dance you shake your hips its so sweet <3 p="p">
did me and daddy tell you we are trying for a brother or sister for you we are super excited as you love babies Layla's little brother Oliver is finally in the world and you love him so much giving him kisses and cuddles and stroking his head your so good with him.
you have also learnt to climb on things its like there is no stopping you now we love it your also really enjoying playgroup with mummy and all the other children now you can run around with them.
your favourite things to do are paint and anything messy play and you love the out doors you want to explorer everything i love that about you because your not not afraid to try new things.
enjoy some photos from the last few weeks x
this is where you stand and wait for daddy to come home everyday you only started doing this when daddy when back to college i think you miss him x
you still enjoy your afternoon nap <3 p="p">
we take you to a park at least once a week as we love seeing your happy face when we get there x
playing with beads i love this photo <3 p="p">
you really love seeing the fish in Liverpool
and dancing with puppets
painting has got to be one of your most favourite

mummy loves you baby girl <3 p="p" x="x">