Sunday, 18 December 2011


gosh have i been busy Ive made so many hair bows i don't know where to put them all Ive also made some hair clip hangers for my friends little girls Layla and Grace as part of there Christmas present its not much but i think there super cute and really usefully gonna get around to making mini moo some before Christmas so she can look super cute too.
so here are the hangers i made.....

and some ribbons i hope u like them

have an awsome day

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


hi so a few years ago i used to make vlogs on you tube I'm tempted to start doing it again what do you all think? life's going so well at the moment me mini moo and daddy bear are spending lots off time together cause daddy bears off college for Christmas brake.
we were going through lots of old photographs we have of when we first got together :) so thought id share them with you all :D

i love my man honest his my everything couldn't live with out him

Sunday, 11 December 2011

our first christmas......

this year is our first Christmas as a family were not going mad buying things as we want Christmas to be about love family and friends not about gifts i want mini moo to grow up remembering Christmas as a loving time (like everyday in her life) and a time where her family all get together and just enjoy each others company
so this year its just me moo and daddy bear witch is all we need oh and a big fat turkey and some stuffing hehehe
our tree with the start of the gifts family have been bringing round :D
this is the face of the bunny i was making moo for Christmas the final product does not deserve this adorable face i might try again before the big day
his meant to be cuddly and meant to be less lanky but his OK for my first attempt

any ideas on home made gifts? id love to hear them XXX

Friday, 9 December 2011

poorly sick baba......

moo's been really poorly still is she keeps beeing sick alot and the week befor she had a cold :( every time i talk to her she cries and cuddles up to me so we have been cuddled up on the sofa watching kids telly were hoping she gets better over the weekend if not its docs on monday x
when she started getting poorly at play group

the hat my friend mandy made her

its not all been bad she has been happy x
cuddling in her blanky x

sleeping all cosy
hope your all ok x