Sunday, 25 March 2012

oh its a jolly holiday....

OK so not really a holiday but a day out me and mini moo went up to llandudno we walked the pier and had a picnic spoilt her rotten and just enjoyed the sunshine

i think moo enjoyed her day

just some of my photography from the day
i love seeing beautiful women on there wedding day llandudno pier must of been an amazing backdrop for there photographs ♥ had to take a pic was just too good a moment to miss
and man that dress is stunning
tata folks xx

Monday, 19 March 2012

loving my baby .........

Does anyone Else smell there baby i love it most of all just out the bath baby think its one of my ways of taking in as much of her as i can before she gets older and cuddles wont be "cool" anymore...
so this post like all my posts are gonna be all about mini moo :D
i love her cause she's cheeky
i love that everyday she pulls all the DVDs out and skaters them across the floor
i love her beautiful eyes and her long eyelashes
shes so big and clever now she can crawl and use her tippy cup like a pro
moo loves the park she would let us push her on a swing for hours lol x
i love just being her mommy shes so beautiful
enjoy your day love your children they grow up too fast <3 x

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

been super busy today but i wanted to show you all my first ever pillow that ive made i love it its not perfect but nothing in life is this is why i love it enjoy x

sorry its only short today <3 xx

Monday, 5 March 2012

mommy will......

hi so I'm gonna set myself some some goals as I'm not feeling very motivated at the moment I'm finding it hard to even get out of bed in the morning :/ that's not good .... soooo here goes
  1. make moo some meas and freeze ready for eating
  2. get out and do more
  3. have more messy play with moo
  4. start taking photos again
  5. and start blogging more :D
well OK there are my 5 goal wish me luck :D
soo on a lighter note I'm been sewing like crazy so here is one of the outfits i made mini moo im well made up with it hope you like it to
i love it and it was sooo much fun to make
tata folks