Monday, 5 March 2012

mommy will......

hi so I'm gonna set myself some some goals as I'm not feeling very motivated at the moment I'm finding it hard to even get out of bed in the morning :/ that's not good .... soooo here goes
  1. make moo some meas and freeze ready for eating
  2. get out and do more
  3. have more messy play with moo
  4. start taking photos again
  5. and start blogging more :D
well OK there are my 5 goal wish me luck :D
soo on a lighter note I'm been sewing like crazy so here is one of the outfits i made mini moo im well made up with it hope you like it to
i love it and it was sooo much fun to make
tata folks

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pam said...

You are so talented with your sewing!It is so cute to see such unique outfits on her instead of all the everyday stuff everyone else has. Don't worry about trying to do so much. You are a busy mom , just take it day by day, but do take time for yourself. Love ya.