Monday, 27 February 2012

old band t-shirts??............

soo hay dont you just hate it when you t-shirts dont fit you anymore i do please say im not the only one haha well i went to a scouting for girls gig back in 2009 and at the gig i got a t shirt :D got home put it on and well...... it was more like a bra than a t shirt haha but i kept it and always said "it will fit me one day" yeah right .... that day never came sooo i found a dress pattern and turened it in to a summer dress for mini moo its a bit big yet but im hoping come summer it will fit her lovely hehe soo her it is i will link the pattern after the pic
eeeekkk i love it cant wait till she can wear it <3

tata lovelys

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pam said...

Very cute! Have you seen some of the quilts people have been making out of their favorite old t-shirts too? My bestie made one and it is so cool! I thought it would be neat to make one with my sons baby t-shirts and such from the last few years. Keep up the good work!