Sunday, 19 February 2012

sew im addicted .....

hay guys how are we all
I've fallen back in love ............. with my sewing machine its AMAZING honest i don't know what i neglected it for so long I've been sewing crazy ill show u some of my makes and where i found the patterns :D
her is a stunning little summer dress i made for moo i <3 it and the cute matching panties x
heres my happy little moo being all cute in her dress pattern from
also we have changed to cloth nappies and I've been making my own to save money (even tho buying them is still sooo addictive)
teddy modle hehe first attempt not too bad hay lol x
and here it is on the mini moo :) pattern found here
and here are just a few pics that have made me smile this week x
i made this dress too but i dont have a pattern as i just free handed it :D
yeah them pants are uber cute
fell asleep sat up on me gotta love it
i love this face she always does it hehe (shes almost crawling) still cant believe moos over 8 months old
this was lastnight i think she was thinking..."im in the big bed tonight mommy :D"

night night folks love you all

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