Wednesday, 20 July 2011

handcrafted onesie

well a few weeks ago i posted a photo of a cute onesie  i wanted to make for my little girl and well today i made it and it was a masive sucsess .
here is my attempt
i love it hope you like it tell me what you think
i also made one for a little boy i love it its like a little tuxedo
really happy cant wait to get the glasses one on my baby girl :) very easy very fun to make

Monday, 18 July 2011

PenPals: first letter to a friend-to-be

i have a new penpal well.......
i really have three new penpals but ive only managed to write one letter today,
as i have a lovely demanding little princess that dont like mummys attention being on someone els
hehe i do love her millions though
so this is my swap letter number 1 being sent out tomorrow morning.

tehe its got some cute little Airmail envalopes in there and some seaqins and bows
also some cute sissors and some letter wrighting paper and a photograph that i took that im very proud of also some sweeties and chocolate.
oh and a 5 page letter as its only our first letter im not sure what she is in to so i would like to get to know her more so i can send some longer letter x
so i hope the lady getting this swap will enjoy everything i put in to the box and enjoys my letter

really enjoyed making my first swap box i cant wait to get my letter back x

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

LOOK what came in the post :D

so hope your all well im feeling really good my creative bones are tingling
i was so excited when a little parcel came in the post today ive been waiting for my ribbon to come for about 2 weeks but it was so worth it
there so cute im so happy with them and the best thing is there is 20yards of the stuff :D yippie soo i know what your thinking "what am i going to do with it all"??
im going to make (attempt to make) these.......
some cute clippies for my little girl (well once she gets some hair) i love the hello kitty ribbon on these ones their so cute
i love these little bows they are gonna look so sweet cliped to a hair band till she gets longer hair
and i love the scull clippy on here there soo cool cant wait to get started just gotta wait for the clips to come from the USA now then i can go mad with making them it will really keep me busy
hope you like my ribbons would you like a lesson in how to make them just comment and ill try and show you all how to make them x
if you would like to buy some clips i found them on this ladies facebook page have fun

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

mini moo attempting to brushing her hair

so today after mini moo had her bath i brushed her hair she loves it she gets big wide eyes and looks right at me as if to say "whats that" today i decided to put the hair brush in her hand it was so cute i know she didn't know what she was doing but to me she was trying to brush her hair.
here are the photos x
"look mum i can do it on my own"

i love our little girly soo much cant believe she is 4 weeks and 4days old already x

Saturday, 9 July 2011

addicted to trifting frames

OK well now I'm getting addicted to trifting frames but its OK because my flat is starting to look more like a family home witch i love and cant get enough of looking at the photos on my walls
here are 3 more frames i found at a thrift store for 99p each BARGAIN if i do say so my self so when i got in i couldn't resist spraying them silver like the one i did yesterday im so impressed with them but i think i need to find a new addiction hehe :D
so before they didnt look all that glam they looked a little boring to be honest but for 99p each im sure i can make them look better

and this is them now with my photos in my fave one is the one of mini moo in her tutu she looks so darlin in it i love my little family x

honest its so easy to do this i dont know why people pay for the expensive frames

Friday, 8 July 2011

super scrimping....... thrift store photo frame

hi everyone
well i had some of my photos developed and i got one of them blown up and it looks amazing so i went in to town to find a frame but didn't wanna spent alot of money so i hit the thrift stores and got this amazing frame.....
this is the photo and the frame is not really to my taste but its lovely and big and only cost me £2.99 so its money well spent

so all i did was spray the frame silver with some spray paint i got for £1 from the pound shop its got a lovely shine to it as well so added to the look.
and with that lick of paint it looks alot more stylish and my photo looks really nice think I'm gonna put it above mini moos cot so everyday when we get up we can see how much her daddy loves her so yeah for £4.59 i have a lovely photo with a cool frame for our bedroom cheep but no way tacky :)
and here it is up on my wall with the mini moo taking a nap hope you enjoyed this most it was fun doing it

Thursday, 7 July 2011


hay everyone :)
well today I've been pondering on what i could make for our new little addition.
one of the things id like to make i saw on and I'm so inspired think its gonna be my weekend project
this is her beautiful little girl i adore her cute little onesie  and cant get over how easy it is to make so I'm going to make one for the mini moo cause its just so sweet.
i also saw this on etsy and fell in love so I'm going to attempt this one too as its just to die for and the mini moo will look amazing in it x

so this weekend is gonna be crafting madness in my house and i cant wait to get started wish me luck i will post my end results on here if they work out ok x

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Taylor May
hi everyone this is our new addition she arived on the 10th of june
she is our world i love being her mummy
everything has gotten a little harder but i wouldnt change her for the world
she has her own little personality already she sleeps with her hand on her face
she crys for her food as soon as her eyes open and she loves the bath.
there are plenty more things i love about her but there just a few x
so ........ here she is .......
this is my baby girly big headed i know but she is soo cute

And this is taylor and her daddy his so good with her couldnt ask for a better man in my life
our little family

i still cant get over being a mummy its the best feeling in the world and i love my little family millions were complete we have our princess