Monday, 18 July 2011

PenPals: first letter to a friend-to-be

i have a new penpal well.......
i really have three new penpals but ive only managed to write one letter today,
as i have a lovely demanding little princess that dont like mummys attention being on someone els
hehe i do love her millions though
so this is my swap letter number 1 being sent out tomorrow morning.

tehe its got some cute little Airmail envalopes in there and some seaqins and bows
also some cute sissors and some letter wrighting paper and a photograph that i took that im very proud of also some sweeties and chocolate.
oh and a 5 page letter as its only our first letter im not sure what she is in to so i would like to get to know her more so i can send some longer letter x
so i hope the lady getting this swap will enjoy everything i put in to the box and enjoys my letter

really enjoyed making my first swap box i cant wait to get my letter back x

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