Wednesday, 13 July 2011

LOOK what came in the post :D

so hope your all well im feeling really good my creative bones are tingling
i was so excited when a little parcel came in the post today ive been waiting for my ribbon to come for about 2 weeks but it was so worth it
there so cute im so happy with them and the best thing is there is 20yards of the stuff :D yippie soo i know what your thinking "what am i going to do with it all"??
im going to make (attempt to make) these.......
some cute clippies for my little girl (well once she gets some hair) i love the hello kitty ribbon on these ones their so cute
i love these little bows they are gonna look so sweet cliped to a hair band till she gets longer hair
and i love the scull clippy on here there soo cool cant wait to get started just gotta wait for the clips to come from the USA now then i can go mad with making them it will really keep me busy
hope you like my ribbons would you like a lesson in how to make them just comment and ill try and show you all how to make them x
if you would like to buy some clips i found them on this ladies facebook page have fun

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