Friday, 8 July 2011

super scrimping....... thrift store photo frame

hi everyone
well i had some of my photos developed and i got one of them blown up and it looks amazing so i went in to town to find a frame but didn't wanna spent alot of money so i hit the thrift stores and got this amazing frame.....
this is the photo and the frame is not really to my taste but its lovely and big and only cost me £2.99 so its money well spent

so all i did was spray the frame silver with some spray paint i got for £1 from the pound shop its got a lovely shine to it as well so added to the look.
and with that lick of paint it looks alot more stylish and my photo looks really nice think I'm gonna put it above mini moos cot so everyday when we get up we can see how much her daddy loves her so yeah for £4.59 i have a lovely photo with a cool frame for our bedroom cheep but no way tacky :)
and here it is up on my wall with the mini moo taking a nap hope you enjoyed this most it was fun doing it

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