Friday, 19 October 2012

cloth nappy haul

hay baby girl
ekkkkk my fluff came in the post today (well i should day your fluff ) i had been hunting the Internet for some really good deals and think i did pretty well i got 4 pink bumgenius in size small i got 1 one  size fits most bumgenius 1 ebay cheapy and an itti bitti snap in one in size small and an ebay cheepy wet bag.
right now im in love with itti bitti they are so soft and cute they are a trim fit and are easy to wash and fast drying, ebay cheapys are also top of my list i always find them soft and that they fit nice i just stuff them with two inserts rather than one other wise i find they leek after about 30mins or i stuff them with a prefold and find they last about 3hrs with no leeks.
 i also wanted to show you the difference between a one size fits most and a newborn nappy cant wait to use them cute little newborn pants.
for some people your probably wondering why i decided to cloth nappy well all will be explained in my next blog post there are many reason but just for one how cute are these.
for this haul i spent just under £30
love you baby girl
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