Monday, 31 October 2011

not enough time.....

sorry its been ages guys ive been so caught up on things its been a hole 11 days wow so im gonna show you a few things that have been happening with mini moo this past two weeks

we are doing baby led weaning with mini moo i so feed her as well but mostly when were out or shes really tired and dont wanna feed herself here she is eating toast :D
she loves feeding herself im so proud

me and my sis took taylor to the park she loved playin on the swing
yes my sis is mental haa haa

we went to crewe to see family this is becca 

moos funny faces are getting even cuter

her halloween photo shoot

shes getting better at grabbing things with her handies

i love my bear

she can sitall by herself  for about 10seconds yippie
hope you all had a happy halloween we did :D

Thursday, 20 October 2011

yummie home made stew.......

hi guys and dolls
well today we didnt do much just chilled out and went shopping then later on me and mini bear made a stew for dadda bears tea :P it was soo scrummy so here is my day in photos
mini moo in her new snow suit one of the best buys of the week only cost me £3 and she looks soo cute in it
my happy little bear playing while i wash up

helping mummy cook withe playing with some carrot
my stew it was sooo good

have a good day guys

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

mini moo and her bestie.....

last week me and mini moo went to play group for the first time she loved it my friend Emma told us about it she takes her little girl Layla-Lou who is almost 8 months we hope they will be besties for life would be so cute i didn't take any pics in the play group but i will this week for you all to see :)

so lets give Layla-Lou a proper intro
she is a very happy little lady always chatting she loves other babies
shes a pretty little petite baba with a massive personality. couldn't ask for a more lovely friend for mini moo.
ain't she a sweetie pie

after play group me Emma and the girlies went to Liffys cafe (best cafe in Rhyl)
we had dinner and mini moo slept and Layla had her lunch then we had pudding yummie

eating her cracker

mini moo having her nap awwww

Emma's yummy half eaten jam Rollie pollie

and my half eaten banana split man it was yummie
Layla catching some zzz's

mini moo woke up for the walk home
we had an ace day cant wait till Monday get to see Emma and Layla again :)

have a grate day peeps


Sunday, 16 October 2011

bed time.....

Gosh it so sweet putting mini moo to bed i love the way she grunts and stretches as your moving her to her cot its so cute i just wanted to share with you as its the time of day when we're all tired and we just giggle at how amazing she is and sit back and think wow we made her CRAZY hehe

big stretch

out like a light on mummy and daddys bed :D x

the grass between my toes 18 weeks old.....

Playing in a grassy meadow is a memory we can all share the feeling of open space and never ending silence only broken by birds the wind and the laughter from your friend i want mini moo to enjoy the out doors to day we went and saw the ducks and lay her blankly on the grass and watched the world go by we had a lovely afternoon :)

even the blackberrys are still out
we went to the brick pond

was so cute she kept on smiling and cooing i think she liked playing in the grass

i love going for walks with my baby girlie just me her and grate out doors
dada bear and mini moo are my world

hope you all had an amazing day
Amy x

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

our trip to crewe.....

me mini moo and uncle daniel went to crewe to see the family it was so fun here are some photos for you all :) x
moos outfit for the day

sleeping on the first of two trains

the bro (uncle daniel)

me looking rough haha

my hot choc fix (sooo have to have one when ever i change in chester)

moo playing waiting for the second train

love my cute little baby

watching the world go by

i like this one i dont have many of me and baba

we went to funsters with my aunt and her little girl lucy here mini moo hangin out in the ball pond
on the train home
hope you all had a good day x

loveing my life......

hay all
so not really been up to much just been out and about with mini moo here she is sleeping in her pram i cant belive she is 17 weeks now its gone so fast
i love this snow suit its soooo cute
my little sis came to visit looking at her is like looking at me 6 years ago mental

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Ebay..... :D

hay well anyone thats close to me knows i love ebay i get everything off there
just wanna show you all some of my finds and things i have baught over the past few days
i got this for my little sis only £0.63 :D

sorry for the bad photo but i won them for mini moo today love the pink one

hope you all had an awsome day x