Saturday, 1 October 2011

I ♥ Saturday

Hay all
how are we? mini moo can now roll over :D YIPPIE its ace but i cant leave her on the sofa anymore she has been trying to do it for about 2 weeks and finally got it today she started rolling from her tummy to her back about a month ago but she can now too it both ways so proud of my baby girly.
soo here are my photos from today...
i love that face its what i get every morning when shes talking to me :D chilling on the rug while im making her bottle

nap time nannie got her this outfit she looks so cute in it xx

what you lookin at haha
she liked this walk i think most of the time she hates going in her pram any one got any tips for helping getting her to like it?

smiling in her sleep soo cute wonder what she dreams about
down for the night sweet dreams baby moo :)

hope you day was ace
Amy x

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