Sunday, 2 October 2011

nowhere boy.....

hay all
so todays been a bit of a stay at home day not to exciting i know me and mini moo played and sang and watched cartoons. i found one of her outfits from when she was a newborn pushing my luck i put it on her it fits :D when she first wore it she was so small it was huge on her hehe.
we aldo had a bounce even if mini moo aint got the hang of the whole bounce thing yet

i love her chubby little leggies sooo cute

i was also looking at wedding dresses today just because not for any reason i just like to and i found an amazing on i wanted to show you all

tonight im gonna cuddle up with some home made popcorn and watch nowhere boy a bit of yummy aaron johnson never hurt anyone

my gosh his hot (ogggggle)

hope your day was good
night blogging world loves and hugs Amy Lou

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