Thursday, 6 October 2011

hi guys and dolls :D
hope were all OK i have some good news this morning i woke up to the postman ringing my doorbell running down stairs thinking i didn't order anything he handed me a package so heading back up stairs yawning and shaking my parcel to my delight  when i opened it this was inside.
i won my second photography competion
this is the photograph that won its my friends little one her name is grace i would have entered mini moo but this comp ended in may and she was born in june.

me and mini baba went swimming this week too mini moo and dada bear had so much fun i love seeing them together there so cute :)

sorry about the bad photo it was taken on my phone
she loves swimming we always get big smiles and it makes her sleep really well cause it tires her out
playing with her catapilla this was on tuesday i think the next few photos are taken over the last week as i didnt update for a while (sorry) x

love this one

we also went out walking today in the cold wind and rain weather couldnt make up its mind sun one min and winter the next :)

i love my moo sooo much our little cutie

i hope your all having an awsome week :) xx

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