Tuesday, 10 May 2011

making fabric flowers

hi everyone
so today Ive been making flowers from my old jeans that I'm never gonna fit back in to
its really easy and simple to do.

         all you need is:
  • old jeans (or any fabric)
  • a hot glue gun
  • some sissors
  • beads
so here goes........

first you need an old pair of jeans

then cut one of the legs across in to about 3" strips

now cut along one of the seams so they lie flat

now fold up to the other seam making the folds about 1 n 1/2" wide

and cut along the seam now you have two secions

take the folded part and fold in half

cut a qurter circle out of the corner do this with all your fabric so you have
about 10 circles

 you should end up with this or more circles both are right
on the one faceing bad side up put glue around the edge and in the middle
place the other circle on top so good sides of the fabric are both facing out

take a new circle and fold it in half

then fold in half again place a blob of glue on to the pointed end

then glue it to the circle you made earlier keep on gluing your
folded circles all the way around

then just keep layering untill your happy with your flower
i place a bead in the middle to brake up the colour but finnish yours how ever you like

there you go one pretty flower from them jeans you loved so much
you could put it on a hair band a top a make up case anything you fancy
hope you enjoy making them 

Monday, 9 May 2011

setting up the crib

so today we set up baby's crib it looks fab cant believe I'm 33weeks pregnant time has flown by
we didn't pay for our crib it was my aunty's from her children
 my mum also used it for my younger sister
 so our baby will be baby number six to use it
its like a family tradition now

so here is our crib
it looks so cute baby's side of the room is not finished yet but its getting there

so here are the photos of us putting the crib up
this is daddy looking rather happy with his putting together skills haha

so yeah not long to go now cant wait for
little one to be here xx

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Cant You Tell Its Spring

Oh My Gosh
how cute were the little ducklings at the pond today?
we went down to feed the ducks, swans and other wildlife these little guys came out of
the bushes with their momma there adorable.

here they are with mum their so little

and here there having a bite to eat
(yummie soggie bread)

just needed to show you them as i cant get over how sweet they were.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

knitting: kitty cat hat

i knitted this hat ages ago and i've only just got round to sewing it up and popping
the buttens on lol half a job me it :)

but to be honest for my first complite hat i am rather proud of it hope you like


lol i will so be using this at my next shoot its so cute babies are gonna look adorable in it 

A Day In The Sunshine

well hello everyone
so last thursday we went walking along the prom to pensarn
we had such a good day got very sunburnt but took some grate picture so here are a few

we loved the jinny joes
they were so lovely just blowing about in the wind

and the heart shaped shells were so pretty
love the way the colours look in this photo

i also really liked looking at all the spoot shells

we had a lovely day hope you liked my photos from our walk

Monday, 2 May 2011

~~My First Newborn Shoot~~

Gosh what a good time i had yesterday i did my first newborn shoot
the little girl was so good and only 4weeks old
so here she is baby Grace
love this cute little bear hat makes her look super cute
she was so good only cried once cause we put her in a mixing bowl and she didnt like it

sleeping soundly in the dressing up box such a sweetie