Saturday, 9 July 2011

addicted to trifting frames

OK well now I'm getting addicted to trifting frames but its OK because my flat is starting to look more like a family home witch i love and cant get enough of looking at the photos on my walls
here are 3 more frames i found at a thrift store for 99p each BARGAIN if i do say so my self so when i got in i couldn't resist spraying them silver like the one i did yesterday im so impressed with them but i think i need to find a new addiction hehe :D
so before they didnt look all that glam they looked a little boring to be honest but for 99p each im sure i can make them look better

and this is them now with my photos in my fave one is the one of mini moo in her tutu she looks so darlin in it i love my little family x

honest its so easy to do this i dont know why people pay for the expensive frames

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