Tuesday, 3 January 2012

shopping is addictive ........

i think i have a shopping addiction :/ lol well not really but i like looking on all the websites and dreaming about buying things so ive started saving to get the things that have been in my wish list for so long that its killin me
for a late christmas prezzie for mini moo ive baught her an amazing little outfit its from mamas and papas i saved for this cause i liked it so much it cost me £31 in the sale and i love it
i love my little cutie patootie
cant get enough of her sweet smiles
attempting to watch tv hehe
just a few mor pics from the past few days
playing in my high chair

off for a windy walk it was so cold but was a lovely walk
pretty windy beach
having my hands full and a crying baby so i put her in my wash basket for 2 mins while i mashed the potatos and she was supper happy chatting and giggling lol
mini moo trying new food she had apples and oranges but pulling this face im supprised she ended up liking it haha

have an awsome day :)

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