Monday, 23 January 2012

why hello .........

well its been a while ive been so caught up in my little family i attcualy forgot that the internet exsisted and to be honest its been ace ive not felt down from reading about other peoples problems and ive had so much more time to spend sortin my house out in the evenings when mini moos in bed.
im also going to start sewing again i wanna get really good at it and start making dresses and pretty clothes for mini moo. so wish me luck. (im gonna need it)
so here are some pics from the past few days.....
 smilie moooo
 pretty bear <3

 daddy bear after his night shift having cuddles
 operation get skinny ........ yummy
 the memory blankey i made for moo
i love it when she falls asleep on me ike this x

tata guys xx

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