Sunday, 1 January 2012

happy belated Christmas

how busy have we been over Christmas plus we have all been poorly sick so that's why my blogs been neglected sooo over Christmas we had the mother in laws birthday party on the 23rd we had a really good time but i didn't get many photos so here are some i did get

Dada bear and mini moo
Dada bears mum and nieces dancing
we had a lovely time the food was ace the music was ace and mini moo loved seeing the family
opening her prezzies on her first Christmas it was lovely seeing her face even if she did try eating all the wrapping paper hehe it was cute though
i think mini moo was thinking "its OK mummy i don't need help with this one I'm just gonna climb on it till it opens" her face lit up every time we handed her a new one to open
yummie this gift was from her great Nannie and her out fit was from her great great nan parten she looked so cute in it and we loved everything she got thank you everyone
oh and yes she really did enjoy the wrapping paper more than the gifts but don't all babies lol i love our little munchkin
sleeping on Christmas's night in her new PJ's
we had a lovely first Christmas as a family and were soo looking forward to next years

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