Sunday, 8 January 2012

operation GET SKINNY

so im starting tomorrow as all the bad for me food is now gone and im feeling happy and ready so here i go :D

im currently a size 18-20 and im 16st 8lb my man dont want me to lose weight he said he loves me the way i am awwww i cant find my tape mesure to do my mesurments so ill do that next week when i up date my weight loss
so here is the out fit im gonna buy myself when i hit my target
im aiming to be a size 14 so only 2-3 dress sizes :D wish me luck

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pam said...

Good luck! When I had BBC America channel I would watch "You are what you eat" and never want to eat anything but veg. again! They don't show it here anymore, so I decided to put up photos of the clothes I want to wear on the fridge!