Friday, 1 March 2013

beautiful as ever....

hay baby girl
i hope your well. you looked so adorable today. i don't know what it is about rompers on you but u just look so cute its unreal.
we went for a walk to playgroup and had fun with your friends it was a good day and you were as good as gold.
your almost growing out of these boots they are only a size 4 and a half and your almost in a 5 now i remember when i wanted to get you some shoes and your feet were not big enough to get some proper ones yet
i love this mint coloured cardigan it looks hand made but its now it was a "handmedown" from jade and lucie the brand is next the clothing in that shop is SO nice for kids
aww look at your face running your way to playgroup you love it there you coat is next a lovely "handmedown" from great aunt Helen and your scarf you borrowed from mummy .... it looks better on you anyway hehe
i didn't get a good pic of you in the romper so here's one of it while its not on you i love how nice you look in this outfit its not often i put you in denim as i don't think its comfy but this does look comfy so its a one of denim outfit you get to wear over and over until it no longer fits you
see looks hand stitched and matches the cardigan
coat- next "handmedown"
boots - Clark's
romper and cardigan- next "handmedown"
scarf - peacocks
love you mini bear
X mama X

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