Monday, 28 November 2011

nothing exciting......

its been soo windy here that I've not really been out much I've been trying to stay home and tidy my flat witch seams to be taking FOREVER......
so all we have really been doing is playing and cooking fun fun but today were gonna go to Emma and Layla's house then maybe the park near there house if Layla's cold has gone away.
but as for now I'll show you what happened this weekend .............

so Saturday my photographs of mini moo came i was so excited there so cute i cant wait till i get chance to put them up i love the way they turned out and for the frames and prints it only came to £18 so I'm well happy

me and my little sis had a pig out with ben and jerrys haha it was fun but i dont have any photos but i have one of mini moo trying it she loved it might have to hide it from her in the future
when we do have to nip the shops i wrap moo up so much she looks like a big ball of fluff haha
oh and mini moo can finaly reach the floor when shes in her walker and she loves pushing herself around in it
see ya later guys gonna get a shimmy on and get up to emmas

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