Monday, 28 November 2011

chicken hotpot :P ........

hiya all just wanna wish a happy thanks giving to all of my American friends i wish i lived over there i love how you all get in to every celebration.

today's been fun i started my diet did really well to be honest didn't eat any crap i just had my 3 meals brecki dinner and for tea we had my own cheats version of a chicken hotpot and my god it was good and really easy to make comment if you would like the recipe
it was so good this was what it looked like out of the oven
i even blended it up for mini moo she had 5 lunches plus me and daddy bear had a big bowl each too

after tea we took moo to the park she loved it

shes such a cutie i love my mini moo
we had a fun little day

hope ur day was just as fun x

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