Wednesday, 23 November 2011

remember that diet............

yeah well it never happened (i do this a lot) one day I'm like "right that's it I'm losing this I'm sick of being FAT and not fitting in anything" next day I'm like "i sooo want some chockie bikkies"
so no more tomorrow i start my diet once and for all I'm going to go walking every day with mini moo and I'm going to say no to everything i binge on i will be strong.
so wanna see the pic i almost cried at today word of warning its not nice :(
look at them rolls and my double chin i knew i was big but didn't realize i was this big :/
so yep I'm gonna be taking a photo ever week till i hit my goal
starting weight 16st 6lb my goal is 12st for now i may lose more see what I'm like when i get to 12st
so wish me luck everyone and if you have any tips let me know

thanks people

(rant over)

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pam said...

I am right there with you. After having a baby it seems like everything about my body was 5 times the size it was before. Good luck, you can do it!