Tuesday, 20 September 2011

lost photgraphs......

so as you all know my laptop broke just over a week ago what a pain that was i lost all the photos i have taken from two photo shoots soo I've had to do one of them again and refund one i felt so bad for losing photographs so i now know to back everything up. i also lost all of the videos of mini moo from birth to 12 weeks really not happy about that. but on the plus side laptops back up and running and things are back on track.

any who over the boring stuff life is rather awsome mini moo is growing so fast and me and daddy bear are  finding out how to get more time together we now make the most of the short amount of time we do get as a family well i woke up to a new note on our notice board today ....
awww i cant get over how much i love my man his so wonderful i love the mornings i get little notes like this makes me remember how much i enjoy being his other half xx
we went to the shops for nappy pants hehe and met up with Angie and Garry and baby Aidan. his such a cutie i so wish i had taken a photo to show you all but i do have some of mini moo from today

little miss moody grumps lol

i love this one is super duper cute x
mini moo and dadda bear are sooo cute love them both millions love my life and i love being a mommy

have a good day everyone :D

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