Saturday, 17 September 2011

Loving mini moo......

well today has been a good day we cooked daddy bear a meal and we had a visit from Taylor's uncle Daniel we also did some reading mini moo loves books already its so cute how she sits there happy looking at the pictures while i read the story.
mini moo has started cooing lots its so cute its like she has loads to tell you i love seeing her daddy's face light up when she gives him a "awwwwohhhhh" when he gets home from college :D

playtime is always fun when you get smiles like this telling her shes beautiful never fails to make her smile it sooo sweet
i cant image a better way to spend a rainy day

uncle Daniel an mini moo chillin out he loves her so much :)
helping muma bear in the kitchen she likes her bumbo she gets to nosie at what im going i hope she like food when she grows up x

saying hi to dadda when he gets home from college i <3 my family


mini moo cooing she has angry eyebrows like she is concertrating

thanks for stopping by guys :) xx

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Jennifer said...

Oh the cuteness! She is so adorable!