Monday, 5 September 2011

a little bit of my day......

today has been lovely it was daddy bears first day in college his working so hard to get a better job its unreal i love him so much his such a good boyfriend and daddy well this morning i woke up to mark saying good bye i went in the kitchen to make up mini moos bottles and this was written on our notice board his so sweet 
ain't he a sweetie :)
later we took mini moo to the park and met up with a friend while her boys played on the park me daddy bear and Mandy had a chat been ages since I've seen her i really enjoy meeting up with her cause she is so on my wave lenth anywho here is mini moo at the park with her daddy x

sleeping and missing the sunshine :) i <3 my baba x
later in the day we had a rain shower and the sun started to shine again and we had a lovely rainbow but this photo just doesnt do it justice

so pretty poping up over the roof tops
and here was the sunset today hope you all had a wonderful day i sure did

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Kristy said...

That note is SO sweet!! And your baby girl is ADORABLE!!