Wednesday, 7 September 2011

lazy days....

so me and mini moo have had a lazy day today seeing as daddy bear was in college and now his work, we have done nothing today really apart from make tea we had sauteed Potatoes, sugar snap peas and bacon ribs :P was scrummy. I'm starting my diet this week. i needed to lose weight before i fell pregnant with the moo so I'm starting now I'm 16st and 6lb i know massive, :[ but its going my goal is  to get to 13st by the time next summer comes so i can fit in lovely dresses. :) so here is my day in photos enjoy.

we found out my best friend is pregnant I'm so excited so I'm collecting some bits for her need to see her soon so i can give them too her.
i hope she likes them

here are some of the lovely smiles and sleepy faces i got of moo today :]
as i was making up her bottles the boring job
moo was playing in her walker even if she can reach the floor she loves it she screams if i take her out before shes bored
after this we went out to the shops and got some weaning books i really recommend the cooking for coco its really good. we also got some books for mummy to read too

all 4 books for £1 from the salvation army shop :) very happy

so this was my day hope you enjoyed my photos

before i go here are my pre diet photos
by the wat that top im wearing was £1.49 from a thrift store :)

hope you had a good day

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