Friday, 13 July 2012

fish fish fish...........

hay moo
how you doing today? its raining here today and seeing as its July and been raining all through June looks like we are getting a late summer or no summer this year we have had a few sunny days though so i cant really complain.
this past week we took you to the sea life centre and you loved it we founf out you like fish when we took you to see them in liverpool for your birthday.
your dady loved showing you what was in each tank and watching your face light up when we got out you were so tire you fell asleep in your trike it was sooo cute x
so daddy carried you home you slept like a log and were still sleeping when we got home it was so sweet

here are just a few more of you and your cuteness haha
see that hat your wearing lol yeah momma made it for you cause i loves you sooo much

love you baby girl your 13 months old already
xx momma xx

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