Monday, 9 April 2012

meal planning......(macaroni cheese recipe)

so as were out of dept now we have started meal planning for the week as we really wanna save as much as we can so i thought id pop all my meal plans on here (as I'm on this all the time)

Meal plan week 1

macaroni cheese

turkey slow cooker roast

turkey stew (made with Monday leftovers)

left over risotto (made with stew leftovers)
homemade pizza

corn beef hash

sausage casserole

soo watch this space
Macaroni cheese.....
so I'm not gonna give measurements i just keep adding till i have as much as i think i need so here's what u use and how i put it together.

flour (any will do)
grated cheese(any kind i suggest a strong one as it makes it taste better)
mustard English (only 1tsp)
macaroni pasta
one round of bread (crumbled)

in a pan melt the butter once melted stir in enough flour to soak up the butter stiring the whole time add a small amount of the milk and stir until butter and flour are combined and add the rest of your milk(as much as you think you will need)
now take off the hob and add your grated cheese (saving a little for the top) stir until melted then pop in you slow cooker or oven proof dish and add your macaroni pasta till about half way under the sauce (we use a clear dish) now cook (this part i do by eye) cook until the sauce is almost soaked up now slice your tomato and it to the top and sprinkle your cheese and bread crumbs bake until the pasta is soft if its already soft just cook until the cheese on top has melted.

hope you understood that (first time writing something like that) its super yummy and filling and if served with sausages you can have less macaroni cheese so that you have leftovers for dinner the next day
pic taken off as i forgot to take a pic

enjoy your day and happy cooking

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